The Centre for Health Research and Development (CHRD), New Delhi is the regional centre of the Society for Applied Studies (SAS), Kolkata. It is a not-for-profit research organization registered under the Societies Registration Act. Its entire functioning is typical of any research institute which does research as a full time preoccupation, disseminates its findings in the best journals in the field and contributes to policy, based on research evidence.

The Kolkata group is focussed on hospital based case management studies of childhood illness and on establishing neonatal services in district hospitals throughout the country. The Centre for Health Research and Development (CHRD) in Delhi specializes in community based research, assessment and action, and product evaluation. CHRD interacts with other agencies to disseminate the knowledge it generates, helps visualize challenges in scale up, build consensus on policies and implementation strategies and contributes with others to building skills in community research and action and improving delivery of child health programs. CHRD has long term collaboration with several national and international institutions.

Governance Structure : SAS Governing Body comprising of founder and individual members which meets once in a year. The overall coordination is by Dilip Mahalanabis at Kolkata and Nita Bhandari at Centre for Health Research and Development at New Delhi.

Scientific Advisory Council : The Scientific Advisory Council guides the group to identify important research questions, interventions, or technologies and then implement the research findings through partnership and networking with public and non-government institutions.

Ethics Review Committee : CHRD has a registered ethics committee (Ethics Review Committee). The committee comprises of basic/medical scientists, social scientists, clinicians, legal experts and community representatives.

CHRD Team : The CHRD comprises of outstanding professionals dedicated to the promotion of child health and nutrition. The investigators from CHRD have been working for several years on community based research related to childhood vaccines, child health and nutrition, development of interventions, their evaluation and development of strategies for delivery of the programs. A careful scrutiny of research publications in child health will reveal that scientists of CHRD have made globally recognized scientific contributions that have been widely published and cited in international journals in child health that have important relevance for all developing countries.

Infrastructure : SAS has its own offices in Kolkata and Delhi. The CHRD office houses the administrative, data management, accounts and other human resource divisions.